Speech Processing Services

Urdu Text-to-Speech (TTS) Service

Urdu TTS service enables the computer to read out Urdu content available in digital forms e.g. emails, websites and documents. This technology can be leveraged to provide information to people who are blind or illiterate population who cannot read or write, through more conventional audio means like telephone, public address systems etc. without human interaction.


Speech-to-Speech (STS) Service

CLE STS service translates Urdu speech into English speech and vice versa. STS REST API enables developers to integrate end-to-end, real time speech translation to their applications or services.


Urdu Speech-to-Text (STT) Service

Urdu STT service converts Urdu speech into text. It enables developers to produce transcripts of Urdu speech using powerful neural network model through an easy-to-use API. Urdu STT API can be used to recognise speech coming from microphone or a recorded file. This service can be used to write emails and documents with high accuracy.